Startup branding and product packaging for cold press raw juice cleansing company.

About This Project

Our Client

Juice Garden is a startup company that provides the highest quality, 100% cold press raw juices and juice cleansing packages to a growing customer base.



Whilst the company is still in the early stages of development a strong brand marque was required to help the company directors solidify their service offering and expand the business beyond their local client base.


Our Response

We provided a basic startup branding package for the company creating a clean, confident logo and colour palette with example implementation visuals for both product packaging and supporting marketing materials.


The logo marque features a condensed typeface along with customised opening and closing brackets to subtly re-enforce the pressing process, whilst keeping the core identity features crisp and minimal.

We Delivered

- Brand Consultancy Services
- Logo Design
- Packaging Design

Core Branding